In this section I admit to TWO cheats. The Lion and the Ocelot are NOT wild.

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African Squirrel African Squirrel Badger Badger Bison Bison Bramar Bull Bramar Bull
Cat Cats Common Garden Lizard Common Garden Lizard Coypu Coypu Crocodile Crocodile
Chinese Water Deer Chinese Water Deer Fallow Deer Fallow Deer Elephant (Domestic) Elephant (Domestic) Elephant (Wild) Elephant (Wild)
Elk Elk Fox Fox Fruit Bat Fruit Bat Giraffe Giraffe
Hare Hare Land Monitor Lizard Land Monitor Lizard Leopard Leopard Lion Lion
Purple Faced Langur Monkey Purple Faced Langur Toque Macaque Monkey Monkey ..Toque Macaque Tufted Grey Langur Monkey Tufted Grey Langur Monkey Monkey
Monkey Monkey Mongoose Mongoose Ocelot Ocelot Palm Squirrel Palm Squirrel
Porpoise Porpoise Rat Rat Red Deer Red Deer Red Squirrel Red Squirrel
Raon Antelope Roan Antelope Seal Seal Sea Otter Sea Otter Spotted Deer Spotted Deer
Grey Squirrel Grey Squirrel Sika Deer Sika Deer Toad Toads Tortoise Tortoise
Giant Tortoise Giant Tortoise Water Vole Water Vole Warthog Warthog Water Buffalo Water Buffalo
Water Monitor Lizard Water Monitor Lizard Wild Boar Wild Boar Rabbit Rabbit Zebra Zebra