Welcome to Montanasky

Why is a site dedicated mainly to the birds and animals of the Isle of Wight, England called Montanasky?

Montana is the one place I have been that is truly beautiful. It has everything for a person who wishes to see nature at its best.
The huge rugged mountains. Lakes surrounded by tall trees. Winding rivers and streams with beautriful waterfalls. Massive rolling plains of grass and wheat and the bonus is,,, few people and NO noise. No light polution, you don't find garbage and building rubble everywhere like the Mediteranean resorts.
From the Alps of Europe to the foothills of the Hindu Kush. From the Pyrenees to the tropical islands of the Seychelles. Nothing prepared me for the staggering vastness and raw beauty of the "Big Sky Country".
This extraordinary corner of our globe inspired me to see nature and beauty in a very different way and it was here my passion for photographing nature started. My daughter Carla bought her first DSLR camera and that was it. The bug had taken hold and I bought my first DSLR camera.
I now spend most of my time tramping over the Isle of Wight in England in search of budgies (my name for Buzzards) badgers and whatever moves. I even sold by beloved Harley to buy that "next" lens.
My collection of all things "feathery" and "furry" has grown over the last two years from when I started and this pictorial website and it is now getting unwieldy, so if there are mistakes your welcome to E-Mail them to me using the "Contact" button below.
To date (April 2012) I have collected over 100 types of birds,, and a few of the local animals,,badgers,,foxes and the beloved Red Squirrel of the Isle of Wight.
TO DATE,,,,(June 2015), The website now includes Birds from the Gambia (Feb 2014),,Sri Lanka Feb (2015) including elephants and leopards
The site was intended as a way to show the people I know, my work as its easier and more efficient than e-mail. Since then it has grown and the quality of the pictures has grown too. As the equipment has improved and my skills have improved so have the pictures.
The site is updated quite regularly as new or better photo's come along.